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Cleto Reyes Velcro Training Boxing Gloves Yellow

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2+ auf Lager, bereit zum Versand
2+ auf Lager, bereit zum Versand
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We guarantee an anatomically shaped glove which will make an adequate preparation of your hands before training. Made with Premium Leather, the Cleto Reyes Velcro Training Gloves are equipped with hook and loop closure that provides a firm and faster fit. In addition, the wrist support will take you to a safe workout, preventing your hand bending and damaging. Ideal to provide the best comfort and protection, these gloves are recommended for sparring, training with punching bags and for mitt work. Designed with the finest craftsmanship and highest quality material, the Cleto Reyes Velcro Training Gloves are handmade in Mexico under a strict quality control.


  • Material: High quality Leather
  • Padding: latex foam
  • Closure: strap with velcro
  • Model: CE600
  • Handmade in Mexico
  • Genuine cow leather gloves
  • Ergonomic design
  • Water repellent lining
  • Grip bar: extreme hold
  • Long-lasting foam: great effect in every punch
  • Attached thumb: prevents eye and thumb injuries
  • Authentic Cleto Reyes Product: each pais is numbered

The weight expressed in ounces and marked on the label of this product is approximate. The actual weight may vary due to the handmade nature of the product.

Handgefertigte Juwelen

Handgefertigte Juwelen

Jedes Produkt ist einzigartig, da es von den erfahrenen Händen von Handwerkern handgefertigt wird, die seit Jahrzehnten im Respekt vor der Tradition arbeiten.

Cleto Reyes-Box

Cleto Reyes-Box

Das Produkt wird mit einer schwarz-goldenen Geschenkbox aus Karton geliefert. Originell und einzigartig, ehrt die Geschenkbox die Handwerkskunst und den Wert der legendären Cleto Reyes Boxhandschuhe. Egal, ob Sie sich selbst ein Geschenk machen oder es jemand Besonderem schenken, das Öffnen der eleganten Schachtel wird dem Erlebnis einen unvergesslichen Wow-Faktor verleihen.

Die Farbe der auf diesem Foto enthaltenen Boxhandschuhe ist repräsentativ.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Alejandro Villarroya
Review on the gloves

It is the first time I decide to buy a top quality gloves after having trained for 7 years. To be honest I was hoping to open a box where not only the gloves and their quality were the protagonist but also the package.
To my deception they did not have any type of special package but a normal carton box as every shoe or gift would have.
I believe it takes away some of the glow and exclusivity of buying a pair of gloves despite the quality and fame.

Nonetheless, I have been training with them a couple of times and they are excellent. It took one day until I could fully use them as they hurt my hands a lot the first time.

Thank you,

Carmen Cabello

Just fantastic !!!

Ahmed Aljumaili
Clcto Reyes

Very good gloves
Fast shipping
Good price

Kevin Gobo

Cleto Reyes gloves

Top gloves!

Top gloves and the Best Shop!!

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