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Leather Boxing Gloves - Combat Arena

Leather Boxing Gloves

When you have to choose a new pair of boxing gloves, one of the first questions you have to ask yourself is: what material should I choose?

There are mainly two types of materials: boxing gloves made of leather and boxing gloves made of synthetic materials (PU, microfibre, etc.).

Although material research has led to excellent synthetic gloves, leather gloves remain the best for these reasons


Leather boxing gloves are more durable than gloves made of synthetic materials, which will make them last longer.

How much do leather boxing gloves cost?

True, leather gloves have a higher price, but this price will pay off over time because you will have to replace them less frequently.

Not all glove leathers are the same

As precise as the choice of a pair of leather gloves may seem, in reality not all leathers are the same. This partly explains the price differences between a €60 pair of leather gloves and a €400 pair. There are various types of leather. One of the most valuable types of leather is first-grain leather, i.e. that part of the leather that is outermost, durable and valuable. At Combat Arena we indicate the highest quality leathers as premium to help you make an informed choice.

Greater protection and comfort for your hands

Leather gloves offer greater protection and comfort to your hands. This helps you reduce injuries due to blows.

Goodbye stench! Your gym mates will thank you

As is well known, synthetic materials don't get along well with sweat, not just gloves, think of an item of clothing. Although I'm sure your goal when you step into the ring is to knock your opponent out, bad odour doesn't have to be a weapon of choice. Leather gloves have greater breathability, reduce the proliferation of bacteria and consequently the bad smell.

What are the best brands of leather boxing gloves?

All major brands that produce combat sports equipment make both synthetic and leather gloves. We at recommend leather gloves from Cleto Reyes, Leone 1947 and Rival Boxing.

We respect animals!

Leather gloves, as the word itself says, are made from animal skins. However, remember that the skins are selected from animals (usually cattle) that are intended for food. Therefore your new leather gloves will not harm the lives of any animals!

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