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Cleto Reyes Tiger Punch Mitts

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Handmade in Mexico, the Cleto Reyes Tiger Punch Mitts are made from high quality leather. Inside they feature long-lasting lightweight foam padding which keeps its shape. Thanks to ergonomic design, your hand will fit comfortably to the internal curve. The finger area offers increased mobility thanks to the flexible individual finger compartment. The adjustable strap on the rear gives you a more secure fit. Extremely lightweight, these Cleto Reyes high performance punch mitts have a small target area for increased accuracy and manoeuvrability.


  • Material: leather
  • Padding: undeformable, long lasting foam
  • Closure: velcro
  • Size: one size
  • Weight: 225 grams each one
  • Pre-curved shape
  • Lightweight foam padding
  • Handmade in Mexico
  • Tiger claw design target
  • Sold in pairs