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Cleto Reyes authorized distributor
Cleto Reyes authorized distributor

Cleto Reyes Universal Training Gloves Platinum

Original price €219,00 - Original price €264,00
Original price
€219,00 - €264,00
Current price €264,00
Size: L

The Cleto Reyes Universal Training Gloves are a Hybrid model, suitable for all types of training. The long-lasting latex foam padding offers your knuckles the protection, support and comfort they need while training, sparring and punching bag workouts. The inside is a compact fit that will keep your hands in place and with great comfort. In addition, the wrist support will lead you to a safe workout, preventing your hand from bending and damaging. Handmade in Mexico, the Cleto Reyes Universal Training Gloves stem from traditional Mexican craftsmanship. The handcrafted leather strap with lace and hook & Loop closure provides a firm and a better adjustment.


  • Material: High quality leather
  • Padding: multi-layer latex foam
  • Closure: laces and velcro
  • Lining: nylon water repellent
  • Model: CE300
  • Handmade in Mexico
  • Performance Engineered Leather
  • Both laces and velcro closure: extra wrist support
  • Solid multi-layer long-lasting foam padding
  • Attached thumbs improve safety and prevent injuries
  • Anatomical arched hand design for proper fist closure
  • Water repellent lining keeps hands and gloves dry
  • Ideal for all training situations - in a word, Universal
  • Authentic Cleto Reyes Product: each pair is numbered


  • XS = 6-8 oz
  • S = 10-12 oz
  • M = 14-16 oz
  • L =  18 oz