Le Categorie di peso nel pugilato

Understanding Weight Classes in Boxing

Boxing, a sport revered for its blend of strategy, skill, and strength, is meticulously organized into weight classes. These classifications ensure fairness by matching opponents of similar body weight and...

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Cosa regalare a un pugile e a chi pratica sport da combattimento

What to give to a boxer and those involved in combat sports

Birthday, anniversary, Christmas--any occasion is good to give a gift to a loved one. However, choosing a gift for an athlete who practices combat sports (boxing, kick boxing, muay thai,...

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I tuoi guantoni Cleto Reyes sono originali? Come riconoscere i veri Cleto Reyes dalle imitazioni

Your Boxing gloves Cleto Reyes are original? How to recognize the real Cleto Reyes from imitations

The Cleto Reyes gloves are among the most well-known and appreciated in the world, and if you are on this site, it means you also recognize their value. Like all...

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Quattro alternative al sacco da boxe

Four alternatives to the Heavy bag

Are you looking for a training product other than the Heavy bag but with similar features? We present to you four alternatives that will allow you a similar workout to...

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Come appendere il sacco da boxe

How to hang the Heavy bag

You are about to purchase a Heavy bag to train at home? A very important aspect to consider, besides the choice of the bag, is where and how to hang...

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Come lavare il tuo Gi

How to wash your Gi

The Gi is the uniform worn for the practice of martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ Gi), Karate (Karategi), Taekwondo (Dobok), Judo (Judogi). To make your uniform last...

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