Leone 1947

Leone 1947 is a historic Italian brand specialising in the production of equipment for combat sports. Its founder, Cavalier Orlando Leone, decided to combine his great passion for boxing with the experience he had gained in the world of leather goods. Thus, after the Second World War, a company was born that made boxing gloves of great value, for the most important Italian and international boxers. At the time, it was said that a boxer could not consider himself a boxer if he had not worn at least one pair of Leone gloves.

Over the years, the Leone 1947 brand has grown, expanding its offer from boxing alone to disciplines from the United States and Asia: kick boxing, mma, muay thai. Boxing gloves have been joined by muay thai gloves, kick boxing protectors, and mma equipment.

Today, as in 1947, great champions choose Leone products for their great quality. First choice leathers that resist over the years, perfect stitching, finishing touches that make each glove a precious artefact. Choosing Leone 1947 means choosing the excellence of a historic brand that has consecrated great champions of the past and present. And are you ready to enter the Olympus of great champions? In this section of the Combat Arena shop you will find boxing gloves, protections, clothing and accessories all branded Leone 1947!