Speed Balls

Professional Knuckle Mount LEONE AT822
€ 26,91 € 29,90
Speed ball Leone DNA AT805 Black-Gold
€ 59,31 € 65,90
Speed ball Super Pro
€ 34,95
Speed ball LEONE AT805
€ 44,99 € 65,90
Speed ball leather Combat Arena
€ 39,90 € 44,90
Pera veloce Cleto Reyes Piccola
Pera veloce Cleto Reyes Piccola
Pera veloce Cleto Reyes Piccola
Speed ball Cleto Reyes Small
€ 122,86
Piattaforma pera veloce Victory Sports VSB052-Combat Arena Out of stock
Platform Speed ball Victory Sports VSB052
€ 119,90
Pera veloce Fairtex SB2 Piccola
Pera veloce Fairtex SB2 Piccola
Speed ball Fairtex SB2 Small
€ 72,90 € 80,19
Attacco a Snodo Cleto Reyes per Pera Veloce-Combat Arena Out of stock
Joint attachment Cleto Reyes for Speed ball
€ 108,90
Speed ball Black Top Ring Art. 452
€ 45,00 € 50,00
Pera veloce Fairtex SB1
Pera veloce Fairtex SB1
Pera veloce Fairtex SB1
Pera veloce Fairtex SB1
Speed ball Fairtex SB1
€ 72,90 € 80,19
Piattaforma Cleto Reyes per Pera veloce Out of stock
Platform Cleto Reyes for Speed ball
€ 556,47
Struttura pera veloce Leone AT702 Out of stock
Structure Speed ball Leone AT702
€ 188,91 € 209,90
Piattaforma pera veloce Victory Sports VSB025 Out of stock
Platform Speed ball Victory Sports VSB025
€ 127,50

Speed Balls Boxing

The speed ball is an essential tool for improving boxing technique, as it allows to optimize speed, coordination, reflexes, and the rhythm and precision of punches.

The speed ball is a type of punching bag that does not replace others, for example, the boxing bag, which is mainly used to train the power of punches, but complements them, completing the training.

It may seem like an easy tool to use, but it requires a lot of practice for effective and efficient use. Moreover, without a basic knowledge of boxing techniques, there is a risk of shoulder and arm joint injuries. For this reason, we recommend its use to those who are already familiar with the basics of the noble art.

How does the speed ball work?

The operation of the speed ball is very simple: its mechanism is based on the rebound of the ball between the boxer's hands and the platform to which it is attached. The more agile the boxer is at hitting the ball with precision and regularity, the more effective the exercise will be.

What is a speed ball made of?

The speed ball consists of two parts: an internal air chamber, which you will need to inflate before use, and an outer covering, made of leather or synthetic leather, which serves to protect the air chamber. There are essential accessories to purchase with the speed ball, but we will see them later.

How to inflate the speed ball?

Before using the speed ball, you will need to inflate the air chamber inside it with the help of a pump or a compressor. At the base of the ball, you will find a valve through which to inject the air.

You might be wondering how much the speed ball needs to be inflated. Imagine the ball like a balloon: it's important to dose the right amount of air. If the air chamber is too inflated, it could explode, while if it is not inflated enough, the ball will not respond adequately to your punches and will not bounce on the platform.

Essential accessories for the speed ball?

When you buy a speed ball, you need to consider two accessories without which the ball cannot function properly.

The first accessory is the speed ball platform. It is a structure made of a base, generally in smooth and varnished wood, and metal brackets that support it. The platform allows the ball to bounce, returning a fluid and dynamic movement.

The second indispensable accessory is the swivel attachment, a hook that allows the ball to rotate 360 degrees.

How to mount the speed ball?

First of all, it is essential to fix the platform to the wall or ceiling. Make sure to purchase hooks and dowels suitable for the weight of the platform (generally provided when purchasing the platform), considering the movement of the ball. The swivel attachment is screwed onto the platform, to which the inflated speed ball is then hooked.

Should I protect my hands while using it?

As we have seen, the speed ball is not used to train the power of punches, but rather their speed and precision. Therefore, using gloves would not only be unnecessary but even counterproductive, because on one hand they would be cumbersome during the exercise, and on the other, they would limit the perception of the ball on contact with the hands.

We therefore recommend the use of a simple wrap or inner gloves, or at most 4 Oz gloves (i.e., MMA gloves).

How to use the speed ball?

A few words are not enough to explain the use of this equipment. We invite you to turn to a qualified instructor, or to search among the many video tutorials available online. Remember, it is a tool that requires a lot of practice and a bit of patience before being able to achieve optimal results.