Double End Bags

Double end bag round Combat Arena Punching
€ 49,90 € 59,90
Double end bag oval Combat Arena Striking
€ 49,90 € 59,90
Double end bag Adidas Speed
€ 83,90
Double end bag Rival
€ 89,90
Palla tesa Cleto Reyes
Palla tesa Cleto Reyes
Palla tesa Cleto Reyes
Double end bag Cleto Reyes
€ 166,22
Double end bag Top Ring leather
€ 81,00 € 90,00

Confronto rapido

Double End Bag for Boxing

The double end bag for boxing, or French ball, is a training tool that is essential in a boxer's gym.

Its main function is to simulate the “ring situation”, that is, fighting against an opponent. In addition to training punches, the double end bag is the ideal tool for working on guard, dodges, and leg movements. This is because once hit, bouncing back, it simulates the presence of an opponent.

What does the double end bag train?

The double end bag for boxing is the perfect tool for training the accuracy, and speed of punches, but also reflexes and concentration. It’s excellent for all arm techniques (jab, hook, uppercut, etc.), and can also be used to train leg techniques. It's important to measure the force and not hit it with too much power. Its main function is to train speed and reflexes, not strength.

What is a double end bag made of?

The double end bag consists of a round ball inflated with air, attached at the top and bottom to two elastic cords. In turn, the elastic cords are attached respectively to the ceiling and the floor. In this way, the ball remains tense.

How to set up a double end bag?

To set up a double end bag, it is enough to hang a hook to the ceiling and a hook or a weight to the floor, so that the ball remains tense. Keep in mind that, since the ball is quite light, there is no need to use significant supports like those used for boxing bags. On the floor, you can place a weight with a hook, but a simple training dumbbell can also suffice. You can adjust the tension to your liking: remember that the more the cord is stretched, the less the ball will oscillate and the faster the movement.

How to train

Training with a double end bag requires a lot of practice and consistency. We recommend starting with light and regular punches, then introducing stronger hits, structured combinations, and dodges. We invite you to get support from a coach, or you can find many videos online that explain how to optimize the training. Remember that the goal is not to hit the ball, but to be in symbiosis with its movement.