A passion for combat sports and martial arts led us, in 1996, to open a sporting goods store in Monselice, in the province of Padua.

Our goal was to provide practitioners of these disciplines, which were still considered "niche" in the 1990s, with the best technical products on the market.

Working for many years in close contact with instructors in the area allowed us to fully understand their needs, increasing our experience and knowledge in this field.

In 2014, while maintaining the Monselice store, we decided to bring the business online, and that is how Combatarena.it was born. More than 20 years after that distant 1996, our passion has not changed, and neither have our goals.

The mission is to help those who practice combat sports and martial arts, whether they are amateurs or professionals, to find the best performing products suited to their needs.

This is why the catalog on the site is so large and varied, more than 3,000 products from 40 different brands, and constantly being updated.


Our catalog has more than 3,000 technical products for combat sports and martial arts. Nevertheless, we are constantly looking for innovative products that we can offer you.

This search has led us to become retailers of the world's leading brands, and to be European distributors of the famous Mexican brand Cleto Reyes.


In addition to searching for the most prestigious brands to include in our catalog, we have conceived and designed a number of product lines.

For example, the training bags Combat Arena Training, handcrafted completely in Italy, or the Hydroshock water bag, produced within the European Union.

We will soon launch a full line of products designed from the experience gained over the years and thanks to your input.