Boxing Bags


€ 0,00 € 200,00
Water bag Combat Arena HydroShock 45 kg
€ 119,00 € 139,00
Water bag Combat Arena HydroShock 25 kg
€ 109,00 € 119,00
Staffa appendi sacco Victory Sports con barra trazioni-Combat Arena Out of stock
Victory Sports bag hanging bracket with pull-up bar
€ 58,41 € 64,90
Water bag Combat Arena HydroShock 80 kg
€ 139,90 € 179,90
Colpitore conico a muro Combat Arena Out of stock
Conical wall striker Combat Arena
€ 199,90 € 239,90

€ 0,00 € 200,00

Punching Bags

Explore a comprehensive selection of punching bags at, tailored for both beginners and professional fighters. Our range includes heavy bags, speed bags, and freestanding bags from renowned brands, ensuring high-quality equipment for your training needs.

Whether you're looking to enhance your power, speed, or accuracy, our punching bags are designed to withstand the rigors of intense workouts. Each bag is selected for its durability, material quality, and performance, making them ideal for boxing, MMA, and martial arts training.

Our heavy bags are perfect for developing striking power and technique, while speed bags help improve hand-eye coordination and agility. For those with limited space, our freestanding punching bags offer a versatile and movable option without the need for hanging. is committed to providing fighters with the best possible training equipment. With our selection of punching bags, you'll find the perfect fit to take your training to the next level. Enhance your workout routine with our top-quality punching bags, designed for peak performance and durability.