Scarpe da boxe: caratteristiche e guida alla scelta

Boxing shoes: features and selection guide

A good pair of boxing shoes or boots help boxers optimize their performance in training as well as in the ring. Boxing shoes quality in fact, can affect the speed and agility of movement, and offer optimal comfort as well as better foot and ankle protection.

What are the characteristics of a perfect boxing shoe?

Finding the perfect boxing shoe may not be easy. The choice is subjective and depends on the fit and experience of the athlete. However, we report a set of characteristics that every boxing shoe should have.

Correct thickness of the sole: the sole of the Boxing shoes is more thin e soft of ordinary sports shoes, it is smooth e is not elevated in the back. This is to allow for better control of the foot, especially when making from pivot for the movement sideways (pivoting). In addition, the sole has some reinforcements to support the arch of the foot. Finally, it must provide grip on the ground so as not to slip in the ring.

Lightweight materials. The materials of the Boxing shoes should be very strong, and at the same time very light. A lightweight shoe facilitates leg movements and reduces fatigue. The difficulty in keeping your guard up during an intense encounter is due to the Boxing gloves, which shot after shot, become heavier. The weight of the shoes can lead to similar fatigue in the legs. Unlike the weight of the Boxing gloves, which you cannot choose, that of the shoes you can choose at the purchase stage. Therefore, aim for lightweight boxing footwear.

Breathable fabric. A good pair of Boxing shoes must have a breathable fabric, which lets out the sweat and moisture created during combat. This allows for the foot always dry for better comfort in training and in the ring. Typically the Boxing shoes quality are made of leather with breathable fabric inserts.

Ankle support. One of the reasons they are used Boxing shoes is ankle support and the foot protection. Among the models on the market are. Boxing shoes low and higher ankle boots. The choice of model is quite personal, as an athlete may be better off with one type of footwear than another. A low model allows more freedom, while a higher model (ankle boot) allows more ankle protection.

Why can't I use regular athletic shoes?

The above characteristics make us realize that traditional athletic or running shoes, which are great for more "general" training (running, gymnastics, stretching, etc.), are not appropriate for boxing. As soon as you put on the Boxing gloves for sparring in the gym or for a fight, lace up your Boxing shoes.

Prices and brands

The variety of models of Boxing shoes is not as wide as for the Boxing gloves, but each brand offers different models, each with its own technical peculiarities. Prices vary according to the quality of the materials chosen and the workmanship. In general, price is a good indicator of product quality. The best way to find the Boxing shoes most suitable is to rely on experience, your own and your instructor's. At Combat Arena we propose boots and Boxing shoes of different price ranges, signed Leone 1947, Nike , Adidas.