Guida a come scegliere i guantoni da boxe

Guide to how to choose the Boxing gloves boxing

Choosing equipment can pose difficulties for the neophyte newcomer to the sport, such as shoes for runners and racket for the tennis player. In combat sports, the most difficult choice concerns the Boxing gloves boxing: there are several brands, prices, measures, materials.

With this guide we will help you choose the Boxing gloves most suitable for you.

What are the different types of Boxing gloves?

Boxing gloves 10 oz

I Boxing gloves ten oz (for oz means ounces, this abbreviation indicates the weight of the Boxing gloves) are generally the used in competitions, both in tatami sports (Light Contact and Light Kick) and in ring sports (Low Kick, Full Contact, K1, Muay Thai, Boxing, Savate, Sanda). They have a weight of approx. 280 grams and are distinguished by having the palm and thumb covered.

Boxing gloves from sparring

They are Boxing gloves closed-handed for use in training, especially for athletes involved in ring sports (Boxing, Full Contact, Low Kick, K1, Muay Thai). They allow a safe training for both the athlete and his or her training partner. They range from a minimum of 12 ounces (about 340 grams) to a maximum of 18 (510 grams). The greater the number of ounces, the greater the surface area of the glove, the amount of padding, and consequently the weight. The fit becomes slightly wider as the number of ounces increases. For safe training we recommend the 12-ounce gloves oz For those weighing up to 70 kg, the 14-ounce gloves Oz between 70 kg and 80 kg, the 16-ounce gloves oz between 80 kg and 90 kg. For those weighing more than 90 kg, we recommend gloves of 18 oz.

Boxing gloves from MMA and Grappling

These are the lightest gloves, ranging in weight from 4 to 8 ounces. Only the knuckles are covered and padded, while the fingers are unprotected, allowing the athlete to perform grappling maneuvers such as submissions, clinches and projections. In training it is advisable to use them only while practicing these techniques, while during sparring or when training arm strikes (jabs, hooks and uppercuts) it is recommended to use gloves from 10 ounces and up.

Bag gloves

These are gloves that are used in any combat sports discipline, especially during bag training, at the Punch mitts, at the Speed ball or with the fitboxing bag. The thumb is the only finger without padding.
They are used because their conformation allows for less deterioration during repetitive activities such as bag shots, exchanges on Punch mitts etc.
They are generally 6 to 8 ounces but heavier ones can be found on the market. Given their use, it is important that they be well padded at the knuckle level; it is preferable to wear them with wraps, as most models do not offer much stability at the wrist level. Find out when it is good to use them and when not.

Open Hand Gloves

These are the gloves used in the specialties of Point Fighting o Semi Contact. All five fingers are fully covered and padded. The main feature is the small volume, and the fact that the palm is uncovered.
The major federations require that the padding between the thumb and other fingers be sewn in via a tab. Some latex models without this provision may not be usable in some official competitions.

Karate/Kumite and Fit Boxing Gloves

These are gloves with padded knuckles and free fingers, used in the specialty of kumite, which allow the athlete to grasp the opponent to project or sweep him. Unlike open-handed gloves, the thumb is fully uncovered, while the other fingers are covered and padded only at the knuckle level. These gloves can also be used in fit boxing classes.

Main features to consider when buying a pair of Boxing gloves


I Boxing gloves can be coated in synthetic fabric (also called leatherette) or in leather.
Until a few years ago the Boxing gloves synthetic fabric covers tended to peel and deteriorate within a few months of use, especially when used intensively at the bag or on Punch mitts; today the quality of the coverings has improved quite a bit and has nothing to envy in terms of durability to the Boxing gloves leather.
The glove in leather (cow, buffalo or cowhide), are more soft e durable, at a higher cost. This higher cost will pay for itself over time through the greater longevity of the glove made of a higher quality material.
If you are just starting out in combat sports, we recommend that you purchase some Boxing gloves synthetic fabric. If you are a more experienced athlete and if you compete, consider purchasing a pair of Boxing gloves leather ones. You can also use some Boxing gloves inexpensive leatherette for training and leather ones that perform better in competition.

Wrist and palm

If you practice Muay Thai you will need to pay attention to these two details: in fact the Boxing gloves from Muay Thai should be a little more padded at wrist level, allowing more protection when blocking kicks; they should also have a slightly more open palm to allow you to better grip kicks and work properly in the clinch.

Clasp type

The glove can be with velcro closure o with laces.
I Boxing gloves with laces are recommended for those practicing full-contact disciplines, and exclusively as a competition glove, because they require more time to put on, and a partner to lace them up; wearing them correctly, alone, is impossible. This type of closure offers the advantage of being very tight, ensuring a not inconsiderable stability and grip of the glove; on the other hand, as already mentioned, they are less practical, as they require external help to put on and take off.
The Velcro closure is much more practical, and allows the glove to be put on quickly, even without external help. During training, it allows you to switch from free-body drills to sparring practice in a matter of seconds. Over the years, the closures have become firm and durable. Even after years of use, the Velcro closure is unlikely to loosen during training.


Just as with shoes, the glove a little at a time will adapt to the shape of your hand. You will find differences in fit between different brands, but this is a subjective factor.
We remind you of the importance of ALWAYS wearing your wraps under the Boxing gloves, both to protect your hands during training/racing and to prevent sweat from quickly soaking the inside of your glove, rendering it unusable within a few months.
If necessary, you will need to adapt the bandage to the characteristics of the glove and the specialty you practice, strengthening it more at the wrist, knuckles or thumb.

Sizes of the Boxing gloves

I Boxing gloves closed-handed have no size, but they are distinguished by their weight, which goes 8 to 18 ounces. As we have seen, the use of Boxing gloves of different sizes depends on the use to be made of them. In competition from 8 to 10 oz, in training higher ounces (see the section devoted to the Boxing gloves sparring).

If you practice full-contact disciplines (including MMA) a glove between 12 and 16 ounces will allow you to train safely while keeping the power of your strikes high. In addition, using heavier gloves during training can be a conditioning method to improve your endurance as well as your striking speed! At the end of a two- or three-minute round, even a few ounces of difference will be felt in your arms!
Recently the brand Leone 1947 has introduced in its new product line a 10-ounce glove with size M that better suits the hands of girls or younger athletes. For children, an 8-ounce glove may also be sufficient.
Little by little, in your Sports bag ideal training set should have at least three pairs of gloves: a pair of Bag gloves, a pair of Boxing gloves training gloves (12, 14, or 16 oz) and a racing pair (10 oz).

Brands and prices

Once you have reviewed all the features outlined so far, you will be able to choose your Boxing gloves. Now all that remains is price and brand. I Boxing gloves leatherette ones can cost from about 25 € to 40 €. I Boxing gloves in leather range from 40 € to 150 €. As the price increases, higher quality materials and more refined workmanship (cutting, stitching) correspond. There are indeed many brands on the market: Twins Special Cleto Reyes Venum, Adidas, Leone 1947, Everlast, Twins SpecialTop Ten, etc. From our experience we note that. Boxing gloves of similar price ranges have fairly similar objective characteristics in all these brands. The subjective factors that make people choose one brand over another are aesthetics and comfort of fit.
Our recommendations will help you but they are not enough. To choose the Boxing gloves perfect ones based on the advice of your instructor, your peers, and your own experience.