Casco da Boxe: Quale scegliere

Headgear from Boxing: Which one to choose

The Headgear is part of the kit of fighters of the most diverse disciplines: boxing, kick boxing, mma, karate, muay thai, taekwondo, krav maga.

Why is it important

It is important to wear the Headgear to protect yourself from blows and avoid injuries and head trauma: Inadequate protection poses a danger to your safety. Beginners who have not yet developed technique should make special provision for protection.

What are the best brands of helmets

At Combat Arena you will find a wide selection of helmets: we have chosen the best products from combat sports brands. Depending on the features you want, you can choose the model that suits you among the brands Venum, Top Ten, Top Ring, Fairtex, Hayabusa, Adidas, Twins, RDX, Sting, Leone, Ringhorns.

How to choose the Headgear

The Headgear should be chosen according to the discipline you practice and the homologations required by the federations in which you fight. Other key parameters are those of technical aspect such as padding and material, visibility and comfort. Let's take a closer look at them.

Size: how to find the right size

Generally when choosing a helmet it is essential to identify the correct size. The Headgear fact must fit well on the head to protect effectively. The size of the Headgear depends on the circumference of the head. On, within the product sheets, you can find a guide based on head circumference. To find out your circumference use a tape measure and wrap it around your head at forehead height.

How do I know if I have chosen the correct size of the Headgear?

Do two simple experiments after wearing the Headgear.

1. Quickly rotate your head clockwise and counterclockwise

2. Give small taps at the level of the ears and forehead (on the ends of the Headgear). If the helmet does not move the size is correct!

Headgear From Boxing: which one to choose

In boxing it is good to distinguish helmets for training and helmets for competitions.

Headgear from Boxing for training

For training the boxing helmets can have the chin guards, vestment o nose guard bar. This type of Headgear is perfect for sparring and training in the gym. Please note, the advantage of this type of protection is the greater safeguard of the face; however, remember that the more the face is covered, the lower the visibility.

Headgear from Boxing for Competition

For competition it is important to wear a helmet without chin guards and vesting. Usually the colors allowed are those of the corner red o blue. The recommended brands in this case are: Top Ring, Adidas, Sting, Leone.

Kick Boxing Helmets

For those who practice Kick boxing competitions, whether full contact or light contact, there is a Headgear with padding in the upper part of the head, without parazigomes and vestment.

The federation referred to in Italy is the FIKBMS and the brands approved to compete in our catalog are: Top Ring, Adidas, Venum, Top Ten, Leone.

Regarding materials, we can divide helmets into two categories: polyurethane, leather or leatherette. Polyurethane helmets have the advantage of being very snug on the head and easy to wash. Usually leather and leatherette helmets offer more protection as there is more padding but they are bulkier and more difficult to clean.

Warning. For the cadet category, it is mandatory in FIKBMS to have the visor attached to the helmet. If the athlete competes in Europe, in the WAKO federation, we recommend the brands Top Ten e Adidas, the only ones approved at the European level.

Helmets for MMA and MMA light

For MMA there is no Headgear during competitions while for MMA light you can read the above advice for kick boxing. For training you can use the Headgear you most desire. We recommend a Headgear with chin guards and vestment.

Headgear for Taekwondo

For those who practice ITF or WTF taekwondo the Headgear provided is the polyurethane one. You can choose between the Headgear Adidas, Top ten e Top Ring. Again, helmets with chin guards and vestment cannot be worn. Usually the Headgear for ITF Taekwondo is red or blue. For WTF, white is also allowed.

Headgear Krav Maga

In Krav Maga the use of weapons such as sticks, simulated pistols and daggers is expected. To avoid injury we recommend helmets with plastic Visor or Steel Grata.

Headgear For Muay Thai

For muay thai the Headgear must be without chin guards and paraments and must be padded at the top. For pro fights, the Headgear is not allowed.

...and for BJJ?

For these specialties, instead of the Headgear, you can use the Ear guard. These help prevent ear problems such as cauliflower ear.

What does a Headgear boxing ear

In this short video you can see the structure and main features of boxing helmets


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