Pantaloncini da Muay Thai: Caratteristiche, Prezzi e Migliori Marche

Shorts from Muay Thai: Features, Prices and Best Brands

La Muay Thai is a combat sport of Thai origin that began to spread around the world starting in the 20th century. Athletes practicing the sport may use elbows and knees in addition to kicks and punches. They wear the Boxing gloves e Shorts specific for this discipline, which is practiced in the ring.


I Shorts used for the muay thai must have special characteristics suited to this discipline. They are shorter than the Shorts used in other disciplines (such as boxing and MMA), they reach approximately mid-thigh and are also very wide, so as to allow freedom of movement for the legs. The short length is also due to the fact that it is very hot in Thailand, and athletes needed to Shorts that they were wide and short to let air pass through and ventilate the skin.

A particular feature of the Shorts thai boxing is the elastic waistband. In fact, in this discipline, the Shorts do not have Velcro fasteners or laces, but rather a soft elastic waistband that fits comfortably around the body, being both stable and comfortable.

The freedom of the legs is fundamental in this discipline, and the Shorts from muay thai, in addition to being short and wide, are also equipped with side slits. In addition, many athletes use to roll up the waistband and the edges of the shorts to make them even shorter. Leg freedom is an important thing in this sport.

In most cases the Shorts quality muay thai shorts are made of satin polyester, an extremely lightweight, durable and shiny material. This allows a garment to be worn that almost doesn't feel like it. This material also does not become transparent when wet, and is long lasting.

All of these characteristics are critical in choosing the best Shorts from muay thai. However, design also wants its part: different brands offer Shorts with appliqués, embroidery, fringing, solid or patterned designs. Often there are references to Thai culture. The sheen of the fabric makes them all look much better.


The discipline of muay thai involves a lot of kicking and kneeing, and it is therefore essential to have your legs free. Not all Shorts sportsmen are wide and short enough, and not all have side slits. In addition, other Shorts may have pockets, which would be in the way in this discipline. The fabric, satin, is also not a common material for the Shorts sportsmen.


To figure out which size to choose, it is always best to rely on the size guide that each brand provides. The difference between one brand and another may even be considerable. Thai sizes, where many of these Shorts, are different from American or European sizes. On in the product sheets of the Shorts you will find the size guide for each model.


All the Shorts that have these characteristics are good Shorts from muay thai. However, there are some slight differences between brand and brand. If you are looking for some Shorts inexpensive and with a fairly simple design, the Shorts Adidas and Vandal have a good selection of products around €30. If, on the other hand, you don't want to spare any expense but want a lot of quality and design, Venum is the most suitable choice. Finally, if you are looking for all these features (quality, design and favorable price) the Shorts from muay thai Leone are among the most popular and praised, as they are made on the experience of Giorgio and Armen Petrosyan, K1 and Muay Thai champions, and the young athlete Mathias Gallo Cassarino.


The important things to keep in mind when choosing the Shorts from muay thai are: the fabric, the band elastic waistband and theleg width. The design, although very important, must take a back seat. Care must be taken to match Thai sizes with European sizes so as not to risk having Shorts too tight or too loose. Also, a good muay thai shorts does not have to be expensive, but it must be comfortable and allow ample freedom of movement for the legs.

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