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Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

Are your Cleto Reyes gloves original? How to spot a fake pair of Cleto Reyes gloves.

Cleto Reyes gloves are among the best known and most appreciated in the world, and if you are on this site, you too recognise their value.

Like all beautiful and valuable things, they often attract the attention of unscrupulous companies willing to market counterfeit products.

Buying counterfeit Cleto Reyes products not only damages a historic brand that has invested heavily in making quality gloves, but also puts your health at risk. Poor quality gloves can lead to injuries to joints and arm muscles. Furthermore, these products may contain materials that are hazardous to your health.

To verify the authenticity of a Cleto Reyes product, you can follow a few steps before and after your purchase.

Things to check before buying

Are you buying from an authorised dealer?

The first thing to check is whether you are buying from an authorised seller. On the official website you can find the list of distributors authorised by Cleto Reyes. Ksport SRL, our company, is one of these distributors. Distributors may also have resellers. If you doubt that a dealer is selling you an original product, you can contact us and ask us if he is on the list of our dealers.

You should also be careful with products sold online through marketplaces, as marketplaces often do not verify the authenticity of products sold through their sales channels. When purchasing, make sure that the dealer selling the product in the marketplace is authorised by Cleto Reyes or one of its distributors.


As we all know, Cleto Reyes products are made with high production standards and quality materials. This means that prices can not be too low. If you find an offer that is too tempting to be true, be wary - it is probably a counterfeit product.

What to check after the purchase

This is it. You bought your new gloves and can’t wait to try them out! Before doing so, you can check their authenticity with a few steps.

Check the quality

As soon as you open the package of a pair of Cleto Reyes gloves, the first thing you will notice is the scent of leather. Then you can test the softness and flexibility of the leather. When you try them on you will feel them wrap around your hand in a very comfortable way. You need some experience to recognise the quality of a pair of boxing gloves. If you don’t have much experience, you can ask your coach for advice, as he will certainly have had Cleto Reyes gloves in his hands before.

Serial Code

A serial code is embossed on each pair of Cleto Reyes gloves. If there is no code, the gloves you have purchased are not original.

Cleto reyes gloves serial code


One of the features of the Cleto Reyes gloves is the logo on the upper side. The logo is a sticker transferred on the glove. It should be slightly raised to the touch and shiny to the eye, as you can see in the photos on the product pages.
The counterfeit Cleto Reyes gloves we have seen had a faded logo.

Please note that the logo on the upper part of the original Cleto Reyes gloves may come off over time (even after a few training sessions). This is absolutely normal and does not affect the performance of the gloves.

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