In our commitment


Every small gesture can make a difference for a sustainable future. We reduce our environmental impact with concrete actions and responsible choices.


We have adopted environmentally sustainable packaging: envelopes with 40% recycled plastic and recycled paper cartons, reducing waste and CO2.

Environmental impact

We are committed to improving environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions in logistics with efficient and sustainable transportation and storage practices.


Sustainability is a shared responsibility. Thank you for choosing Combat Arena and join us toward a greener future. Your support inspires us to improve.

Our partners



BRT's development vision always harmonizes with a sustainable outlook, with a "circular" outlook manifested in multiple initiatives: from the optimization of transportation flows to the renewal of the vehicle fleet, from the use of clean energy to the energy upgrading of buildings.

With its Green strategy, BRT plans to use electric vehicles in the historic center and beyond of Italy's largest cities. This shift, which began in 2021, continues in major cities.


FedEx is working toward a more sustainable future with a goal of zeroing its carbon emissions by 2040. The initiative called Priority Earth has been put in place to achieve this goal. This is the most important journey ever for FedEx, as its destination is everyone's home: our planet.

FedEx has committed $100 million to support the establishment of the Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture, a research center aimed at studying new techniques for removing and storing excess carbon on earth.

FedEx is converting its entire pickup and delivery fleet to zero-emission electric vehicles, increasing initiatives to significantly reduce the fuel consumption of its aircraft.

FedEx allocates ongoing investments to alternative fuels that could reduce emissions from aircraft and road vehicles by investing in facility efficiencies, renewable energy, and various energy management programs.



GLS understands that everyone shares the same space. For this reason, defending the surrounding environment is an integral part of GLS's logistics strategy. In fact, sustainability is one of the company's five core values, a driving force that every employee puts into practice every single day.

Reducing emissions, treating and using resources responsibly, and sorting waste are the key elements of the sustainability program. In line with the goals set, GLS is focusing on a wide range of measures to be taken, covering delivery vehicles, transportation planning, and structural features of buildings.