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Best Boxing gloves boxing

If you are choosing your first pair of Boxing gloves and you don't have much experience, you may be wondering what are the best Boxing gloves out there.

The answer to this question is not so simple, but with this short guide we want to explain what factors to consider to figure out whether a pair of Boxing gloves is good or not.

The price of Boxing gloves

The price of the Boxing gloves is a good indicator of their quality. We at Combat Arena participate in the major sporting goods fairs in Europe. When we meet a new manufacturer or supplier of Boxing gloves to be listed in the catalog on CombatArena.net, the first thing we are asked is, "How long should these Boxing gloves?". Then the manufacturer shows us gloves that can last about 3-4 months, moving on to Boxing gloves qualitatively better ones, which can have a longevity of years. The more the Boxing gloves they last over time, the more expensive they are.

But what determines the durability of a pair of Boxing gloves? Mainly two factors: the materials with which they are made and the quality of the processing.


As you know, there are two major families of materials for coating the Boxing gloves: the leather and the synthetic materials (or leatherette). However much better quality synthetic materials have become in recent years than they once were, a couple of Boxing gloves made of leather (cowhide, buffalo, cowhide, etc.) will be qualitatively superior. The material from which the padding is made is also very important to prevent the Boxing gloves leather will warp or tear in a short time.


The price of a pair of Boxing gloves is also determined by the type of workmanship that is done. The stitching of the lining on the padding is generally done by hand. In many manufacturing countries, the best stitchers receive higher pay, so a pair of Boxing gloves with superior workmanship has a higher labor cost. The countries with the best workmanship are Mexico and Thailand, followed by China and finally Pakistan.

Only Boxing gloves originals

Always evaluate the store or website that sells the Boxing gloves. There are many sites, mainly international, that offer sporting goods, including Boxing gloves, at prices discounted by 80% to 90%. Be wary of these sites that try to foist counterfeit and very poor quality products on you.

Brands of the best Boxing gloves

Following the directions above, more than the brand, it is important to evaluate other factors, such as price, materials, and country of manufacture. In any case, some brands are synonymous with quality, and this is the ranking of our favorites.

  1. Cleto Reyes
  2. Rival Boxing
  3. Fairtex
  4. Adidas
  5. Venum
  6. Leone 1947 (only Boxing gloves high-end)

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