Fit boxe gloves: choosing brands, models and prices

La fit boxing is a very fun sport that helps you stay fit and relieve stress.

However, as we saw in the article dedicated to the benefits of fit boxing, this seemingly harmless discipline can involve some risks.

The absolute greatest risk is that of injuries to the hands and wrists. These can occur for two reasons:

  1. Blows are carried incorrectly on the fit boxing bag
  2. Hands are not properly protected

While for the first aspect the only thing you can do is. train your technique, perhaps with the supervision of a fit boxing instructor, hand protection is done through the use of Fit boxe gloves.

I Fit boxe gloves are very light gloves padded on the knuckle area. The palm and thumb are not protected as we do not risk receiving blows from an opponent.

Their peculiar lightness allows you to carry quick and precise blows without straining your arm muscles. On the other hand, precisely this characteristic of theirs does not allow you to unload your punches on the bag at maximum force, because the consequences could be bad both for the gloves (which would be quickly ruined) and for your hands.

What materials are they made of

Generally speaking, the Fit boxe gloves are made of leatherette (polyurethane), with rubber, neoprene, polyurethane or latex padding.

Brands, models and prices of Fit boxe gloves

A wide selection of the following can be found on the market Fit boxe gloves. The brands we recommend are. Adidas, Leone, Venum, Boxeur Des Rues. The price of the Fit boxe gloves range from 16 € to 25 €.


Alternatives to the Fit boxe gloves

If you want to unload shots with more force, two good alternatives are:

  1. I MMA gloves
  2. I Bag gloves
  3. Bands

MMA gloves

I MMA gloves are much stronger than normal Fit boxe gloves. In fact, these are used in the practice of mixed martial arts, a sport in which blows are always taken to maximum power. They range in weight from 4 oz (113 grams) to 7 oz (200 grams). Like the Fit boxe gloves, they allow ample freedom of movement for the hand, so they are an excellent alternative

Bag gloves

I Bag gloves are generally used by boxers to train bag technique. They weigh about 6 oz (170 grams), and their flat surface allows the boxer to tell if he or she is delivering the blows in the correct manner. Since they are also very light and durable, they are also perfect for fit boxing.

Can I just use the bands without gloves?

A question many people ask us is whether you can practice fit boxing without wearing gloves, using a simple bandage. Wrapping is certainly great for knuckle and wrist protection, but it certainly does not absorb blows like the padding of a good pair of gloves. So bandages may suffice as long as your hits on the bag are light.