Fit Boxe: cos'è e quali sono i suoi benefici

Fit Boxing: what it is and what are its benefits

Do you like combat sports but can't stand the idea of getting punched in the face? Do you love to move to music? Is sweating in company your bread and butter?

Then the fit boxing Is the right sport for you!

What is fit boxing

Fit boxing is a sport that is practiced to the rhythm of music and consists of bringing arm and leg techniques to bear on a sack o vacuum. Punches, kicks, but also elbows and knees, as in the hardest combat sports. In fact, fit boxing takes its cues from boxing, kick boxing and muay thai, but without making contact with an opponent. So you won't run the risk of coming home from the gym with a black eye.

Fit boxing is a discipline that originated in the United States and has found wide acceptance in Italy, especially among the female audience. To date, there are many Italian gyms where this fun sport is practiced.

What are the benefits of fit boxing

Like any sport, fit boxing has both physical and mental benefits

Physical benefits.

  • As a cardiovascular workout, it promotes blood circulation and improves breathing skills by increasing endurance
  • It tones all muscle groups of the body because it engages muscles in the arms, legs, shoulders, abdomen, etc.
  • Does Fit Boxing make you lose weight? Losing weight with fit boxing is one of the main goals of those who practice the sport. It is estimated that with a fit boxing session of about 45 minutes, an average of 500 calories are burned. Not bad, right?

Fit boxing produces many mental benefits.

  • Thanks to a fast pace of training, and bringing techniques from combat sports, you will stress is reduced and aggression
  • Helps to increase concentration because you work at various levels on a target (the fit boxing bag) with one goal: to hit firmly and harmoniously
  • Bringing arm and leg techniques in rapid sequence increases coordination

Negative aspects of fit boxing

It is known that all that glitters is not gold, and even a seemingly harmless sport like fit boxing can hide pitfalls. Let's look at them:

Hand injuries if not well protected. It is necessary to use special Fit boxe gloves to hit the bag in order to avoid annoying hand injuries, which can occur even with very light blows.

Abrupt movements, especially of the legs can result in muscle contractures, which are exacerbated if you are not particularly trained or if you do not do an adequate warm-up before starting the fit boxing session.

Also the falls are a pitfall to watch out for, especially when raising the legs to strike.

Sometimes movement in time to music pushes us beyond our limits. It is good to increase the pace a little at a time so as not to risk quickly running out of energy after only a few seconds.

What equipment is needed to practice fit boxing?

Fit boxe gloves

To avoid injury, it is good to protect your hands with gloves specifically designed for fit boxing. Their characteristic feature is that they are small and light, so they do not strain your movements too much. Alternatively, you can use the MMA gloves or the Bag gloves. Or even i Boxing gloves boxing bands, which, however, are very heavy and more suitable for experienced athletes. Some instructors only make people wear boxing wraps. These very effectively protect the joints of the hand, but the lack of padding will force you to strike very lightly to avoid injury.

Boxing fit clothing

Unlike traditional combat sports, no specific clothing is required in fit boxing; all that is needed are Shorts and a T-shirt or a Tank top that allows you ample arm and leg movements. A pair of sneakers traditional will be perfect.

Practice fit boxing at home

If you want to practice fit boxing in the comfort of your own home, all you have to do is turn on the stereo with your favorite hits, slip on your gloves and start hitting the fit boxing bag. Fit boxing bags are characterized by the fact that they do not hang but rest on a plastic base, which can be filled with water or sand.

We recommend fit boxing at home for those who have already taken a few lessons with an instructor to avoid the problems illustrated above.

Happy fit boxing to all!