Quattro alternative al sacco da boxe

Four alternatives to the Heavy bag

Are you looking for a workout product other than the Heavy bag but with similar features? We present to you four alternatives that will allow you a similar workout to what you can do at the bag and therefore will not make you miss it.

1. The Heavy bag with platform on the floor

Is it not possible for you to hang the bag on the wall or ceiling? The Heavy bag from the ground with footboard is a viable alternative to the Heavy bag traditional.

Its operation is different from the traditional sack. While the latter absorbs the blows through the chain that connects it to a hook on the ceiling, the floor sack discharges the blows onto a weighted platform. Another very important difference lies in the padding; the floor bag has thinner padding than the traditional bag. For these two reasons we recommend not too heavy training with the floor bag.

The advantages of the footplate bag are that you can modulate the weight to your liking (the weight in the ballast can be adjusted) and you can easily move it when needed (for example, you can store it after each workout).

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2. The water bag

The second alternative to the traditional bag that we propose is the water sack. As the name implies, the water sack, instead of shredded rags, is filled with water. This type of sack has been enjoying wide success in recent years and is used by boxing greats such as Canelo e Lomachenko because it reduces injuries and injuries to hand joints and best simulates body contact.

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3. Wall template

A wall template is a rigid structure, usually covered in leatherette or vinyl and padded with polyurethane.

Again, its name is very telling because it is to be hung on the wall through hooks and dowels.

Once attached to the wall, the template does not move, so it is particularly suitable for power training.

Note its inverted L-shaped structure, which simulates an opponent's guard and is therefore excellent for training distance and techniques such as the uppercut and jab.

See our wall templates.

4. The punching ball

Of all the bag alternatives presented so far, the punching ball is the one that strays furthest from the sack training typology. The punching ball fact, more than the power of the blows, it trains their speed and accuracy, as well as the distance from the opponent. It is, however, a good alternative to the sack that can also help you work on distance, accuracy and speed of strikes.

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