Punching Ball: what it is and how to use it

In this guide we will find out what is the punching ball and how to use it.

What is the punching ball

The punching ball, also vulgarly called pungiball is a training tool used in boxing and combat sports in general. It can be used in the gym or for amateur training at home.

How it is made

The punching ball consists of 3 parts:

  • The platform, a ballast that keeps the tool stable during use
  • The ball: is the part that is hit during training. It can be made of leather, leatherette, vinyl, etc.
  • L'rod, which connects the platform to the ball. The special feature of the rod of the punching ball is that it rests on a flexible joint, which creates the typical swinging motion of this tool. In addition, the rod is adjustable in height to properly position the ball (we will explain later what height it should be positioned at).

What it is used for

The punching ball is mainly for training:

  • Speed: due to the sudden movement of the ball
  • Accuracy of shots. The area to be hit is very small compared to a Heavy bag or a Speed ball, so the shots must be very precise.
  • Distance. The swinging motion of the punching ball simulates the opponent's advance during combat. This allows us to work on distance and all those movements to dodge blows.

For whom it is recommended

The punching ball is a very technical, which was designed to improve boxing technique. However, today it is also used by many amateurs outside the gym. Unlike other equipment, such as the Heavy bag (where an inaccurately dealt blow can cause trauma to the joints of the hand), the punching ball has no particular contraindications.

What types of punching ball exist

There are two types of punching ball. I punching ball professional and the punching ball for amateurs. The former are made of high-quality materials and workmanship, as they must withstand the blows of advanced athletes. They can range in cost from €80 and up to even €200. I punching ball for amateurs, those that can be put even in the garage at home to be clear, are less durable but also cheaper. They are priced around 50 €.

How to use

The use of the punching ball is quite simple: it is necessary to set the ball at shoulder height, so that the outstretched arms are perpendicular to the trunk. The shots brought to the target should be quick and accurate, accompanied by the movement of the legs.

It is necessary to wear the Boxing gloves?

Training at the punching ball does not require special hand protection. However, we always recommend wearing hand wraps or undergloves, or alternatively 4 oz gloves (such as those used in mma).

Alternatives to the punching ball

With this article we hope to have made it clearer to you what a punching ball and how best to use it.

If, in reading it, you have realized that this tool is not for you, you can consider one of these alternatives

Heavy bag: if you want to train technique and power
Speed ball: to focus on strength and speed