Come appendere il sacco da boxe

How to hang the Heavy bag

You are about to purchase a Heavy bag bag to train at home? A very important aspect to consider, besides the choice of the bag, is where and how to hang it.

Which room in the house

The first thing to do is to figure out what is the most suitable room to hang the bag. Let's preface this by saying that it is always a good idea to avoid hanging a training sack outdoors, because it could be damaged if exposed to sun or weather.

The room of the house must have the following characteristics:

  • a wall or ceiling strong enough to support the weight of the bag (in motion)
  • adequate space to be able to move freely around the sack while hitting it. If you train not only punches but also kicks, the space needed will be greater
  • a distance from objects that could damage or injure the sack
  • an adequate temperature and humidity, to avoid mold on the surface of the bag or rusting of the chain and support.

Bedroom, living room, garage, any space is fine if it meets the above characteristics.

Now that you have found the appropriate room, you need to figure out whether you want to hang the bag on the wall or the ceiling.

ceiling hookHanging the sack ceiling

To hang the sack from the ceiling you will need a ceiling sack holdero. This is a small metal bracket with a eyelet in the center and a hook to aid the mobility of the bag. To attach the bracket to the ceiling you will need a drill for drilling and dowels to attach the bracket (they are usually given when you buy them, otherwise you can find them at any hardware store).

The advantage of hanging the bag from the ceiling is that this way you can move completely around the sacco, best simulating training in the ring.

The disadvantage is that since the ceiling has a predefined height, it is not always possible to find the optimal height, which, however, can be adjusted with the chain or bag spring (see below).

Hanging the sack on the wall

The second option is hang the sack on the wall. To do this you will need a wall sack holder, also called an inverted L-shaped, given its shape. Again, this will be done with the help of a drill to attach the dowels to the wall.

The advantage of hanging the bag on the wall is that you can adjust the height more easily according to your needs. You will also have less clutter in the room.

Lo disadvantage is that you won't be able to move freely around the sack.

No holes in the wall and ceiling, how can I do it?

If you don't have the option of punching holes in the wall or ceiling to hang a stand, you can choose the freestanding bag stand. It is a metal structure that is able to completely support the weight of the bag.

The advantage of this structure is that no holes need to be drilled.

The main disadvantage is that it is rather bulky and requires adequate space where to place it. The cost, compared to a wall or wall mount, is also much higher and is not really within the reach of all pockets.

Reducing oscillations with a sack spring

A valuable aid for reduce vibrations of the bag during training is the use of a bag hanging spring. The spring, placed between the holder and the bag loop, decisively absorbs blows by reducing oscillations.

At what height to hang the sack

The height at which to hang the sack may vary depending on the discipline practiced. In general, the height should allow for a target similar to the silhouette of an opponent. For boxing, one may choose to hold the sack higher, so as to be able to target even the uppercuts by hitting the bag below the base.

Now that you have discovered all the tricks for hanging the best your Heavy bag, you just have to start your training!

If you think you don't have adequate space to hang a Heavy bag, you can always consider buying a bag with a floor platform.