Sacco da Boxe da Terra: le principali caratteristiche

Heavy bag From Earth: the main features

Would you like to train on the bag but can't punch a hole in the wall or ceiling? Are you passionate about Fit Boxing? Would you like to purchase a Heavy bag from the floor but you don't quite understand what it looks like and whether it could be right for you? In this guide we will see what its features are and how it differs from a Heavy bag traditional one.

What is a Heavy bag from the ground

The Heavy bag from the ground is a platform for training techniques in boxing, and in general in all combat sports that involve taking blows to the bag.

What does it look like?

The Heavy bag from the ground is composed of a platform made of rigid plastic and a cap. The base is the "ballast" that will keep the bag anchored to the ground and must be filled, while the cap is the part that will be hit, so it is made of a soft material.

How is it filled?

The sack platform can be filled with water or with sand. We recommend filling with water for athletes who want to do lighter training, while sand is ideal for those who will hit the bag more vigorously. In this way, the platform can weigh as much as 200 kg.

On the top of the platform is a cap, which unscrews, revealing a hole through which it will be possible to fill the bag with the material of choice.

How is this different from a traditional sack?

Compared to a traditional Heavy bag, the Heavy bag with platform should not be hung from the ceiling. This has many advantages, for example, there is no need to drill holes in the ceiling, also it can be moved at will.

From a technical point of view, blows are absorbed differently, while the traditional bag discharges kinetic energy on the chain by which it is hung, the bag with a platform discharges on the base. Therefore, it is necessary to ballast the footplate for more weight. We always recommend that the base of the sack be completely filled to avoid swinging.

Finally, we mention that the height of some models of fit boxing bags, such as the fit boxing bag Combat Arena, is adjustable on several levels. This allows you to differentiate your training according to your needs.

For whom is it recommended?

From the professional to the amateur, for anyone who wants to keep fit with a practical tool that can put in any room of the house.

Even the eye wants its share

Since this is a bag to be placed in the home, we recommend going for a product with a design that allows it to be placed in any room. Below are some photos of the Tower Bag, the fit boxing bag signed by Combat Arena. Discover Tower Bag