Sacco ad acqua: 6 buoni motivi per averlo

Water bag: 6 good reasons to have it

Have you heard of the Heavy bag water bag but don't know if this product is right for you? Are you undecided whether to choose a water bag or a traditional bag?

In this article we offer you 6 good reasons to choose water bag, but let's start from the beginning.

What is the water bag?

As the name implies, the water bag is a workout equipment lined with PVC (or other plastic material), which inside contains water. Traditional bags contain shredded rags or sand.

Success abroad

This type of bag is very popular and appreciated abroad. On Youtube we find top-level athletes such as Louis Ortiz, Dmitry Bivol and many others who use it for their daily workouts.

And in Italy?

In Italy you know, new things always arrive a bit late, especially in sports where instructors have a very classical approach and are not open to the new. In recent months, interest in water bags has been growing in Italy as well, especially in boxing.

For which disciplines is it recommended?

The water bag is an excellent training tool for all contact sports. Given its structure, it is particularly suitable for training the arm techniques: jab, uppercut, jab, etc. As a result, while it may be limiting for kick boxing, muay thai and mixed martial arts (where leg techniques such as kicks and knee strikes are involved), it is perfect for training of boxing.

1. You choose the weight

Unlike traditional bags, the water bag arrives completely empty. This allows you to choose the weight of the sack yourself (the package indicates the maximum weight to which the sack can go). You simply fill it with the gallons of water you deem necessary. This will allow you on the one hand to differentiate your training, for example you may decide to train for a period with a lighter bag and later with a heavier bag. On the other hand, especially if you are a beginner, to keep the lighter bag until you have achieved a technical ability to hit the heavier bag, we addressed the relationship between athlete weight and bag weight in a previous article.

2. Simulate body contact as best you can

The sensation of hitting the water bag is that of hitting a flesh-and-blood opponent. The water bag allows you to simulate contact with an opponent in the best possible way for a workout that we might call more realistic.

3. Respect your joints

As is well known, one of the problems associated with traditional bag training is the extreme strain on the joints of the hand, which can lead to inflammation e trauma. The water bag absorbs blows more effectively while minimizing stress on joints. We always recommend the use of bands and Boxing gloves.

4. For the same weight it swings less

The liquid internal structure Absorbs shocks more effectively than a rigid bag. Because of this, the swings are much smaller. How many times in the gym will you have asked a partner to hold the bag still so that you can unload the blows at maximum power without it wobbling. With the water bag you will no longer have this problem.

5. Advantageous price

For the same weight, a water sack costs between 25% and 30% less than a good quality padded sack from the most popular brands. This translates into excellent savings when purchasing.

6. Easy to move

The water bag fills and empties easily and in a short time. This will allow you to carry it very easily and without special effort wherever you want.