Guida all’acquisto del sacco da boxe

Guide to buying the Heavy bag

Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, buy a Heavy bag may not be as simple as you had planned; there are different types, especially you will have to pay attention to weight and height, as well as the materials it is made of and the outer covering.

Combat Arena offers you a quick guide to follow to choose your Heavy bag!

Which weight to choose for the Heavy bag

The weight of the sack translates as the resistance it offers: a 15-pound bag will be easier to move than a 30-pound bag; therefore, a light bag will swing more even with weak blows, while a heavier one will offer more resistance to your blows.

sack between 10 and 20 kg allows you to improve the accuracy and speed of your strokes. It may be fine if you are a beginner, or if it is used by young people.

A sack between 20 and 30 kg will be fine for most users, both male and female.

If you are an experienced athlete consider good the reference of having the sack that weighs slightly less than half your weight. If you are also going to use it to carry kicking techniques, or knee strikes, it is advisable to choose a bag from 30 kg upwards.

Over 40 kg. is consigrated only to very sturdy people (over 200 pounds) and with good boxing technique.

How long should the Heavy bag?

The choice of bag length is influenced by the specialty you practice.

If you only carry techniques from boxing, so only punches above the belt, a bag is sufficient 100 cm long, the latter the most common size, suitable for both women and men. Smaller sacks might be suitable for small spaces or light training, or for beginner athletes.

Longer sacks allow you to carry techniques such as low kicks or sweeps. For example in the muay thai bags of 180 cm.

What's inside a Heavy bag? Padding?

Depending on the material that makes up the inside of the bag, the impact on your hands can also vary greatly.

A sack filled with sand will give a different feeling than one filled with rags. Nowadays sand is little used because it tends to accumulate at the bottom, creating an imbalance of the bottom on top. In addition, sand is more traumatic to the joints of the hand.

Most commonly, bags are filled with old rags, shredded clothes or sheets. I sacks Combat Arena, which we will discuss later, there is a padding present antishock, (a 6-millimeter membrane placed between the padding and the material covering the bag) that prevents hand injuries.

How to hang a Heavy bag?

When choosing a Heavy bag you must also think about where you will attach it: there are hooks that allow you to attach it to the ceiling, or brackets to attach it to the wall.

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Water Sack

Among the most interesting innovations in recent years certainly is the water sack. This is a PVC bag that, as the name implies, is to be filled with water. Training with a water sack has many advantages, first and foremost a lighter load on the joints. Water absorbs blows better, reducing the risk of hand injuries. This allows for longer training sessions without any kind of problem. Many professionals, especially in boxing, are preferring the water bag to the traditional bag.


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Heavy bag With footboard on the ground

In addition to traditional punching bags that hang from the ceiling, there are the platform bags, which rest directly on the ground. This type of sacks offers many advantages, first of all the possibility of using it anywhere (in the house and gym) without having to hang it from the ceiling. In addition, these bags can be filled with about 200 kg of sand or 200 liters of water. They are generally used for fit boxing, but can also be used for all other combat sports.


What are the best brands of bags?

There are numerous brands of sacks on the market, more or less well-known. Each brand has specific characteristics, although the "substance" of the bag always remains the same. When buying a sack pay particular attention to the lining material (we recommend vinyl or leatherette) and the quality of the hooks that attach to the chain. We at Combat Arena have produced a line of qualitatively mid- to high-end sacks with anti-shock padding. The bags are made in Italy, and being direct manufacturers we are able to offer our bags at very competitive prices.

Boxing Sacks Leone 1947


- Very famous and recognizable brand

- Good value for money


- Packaging not always adequate

Boxing bags Venum


- Excellent design


- Very high price

- Foreign production

Boxing Bags Combat Arena


- Best value for money (from the manufacturer to you without middlemen)

- Made in Italy

- Durable materials


- Limited availability at certain times of the year


When you purchase a Heavy bag keep in mind all the information we have given you. Finally, we remind you to always use some Boxing gloves in good condition (best if Bag gloves), and appropriate bandages. Absolutely avoid hitting the bag with your bare hand.