Karategi per bambini: tutto quello che c’è da sapere

Karateges for children: everything you need to know

Just as the surface of a mirror reflects whatever is in front of it, so the karateka must empty his mind of selfishness and weaknesses in an effort to react appropriately to anything he might encounter." G. Funakoshi, karateka and karate master.

Your child begins his or her journey into the world of martial arts, which will help him or her become more aware of and challenged by his or her peers.

The Karate helps children not only to develop physically in a balanced muscular and joint way, but also to improve aspects such as discipline, respect, self-esteem, and self-control.

To participate in karate classes, it is necessary to wear a uniform, called a karategi, made of cotton or polycotton (a mixture of cotton and polyester). This uniform consists of a jacket (called uwagi) and pants (called zuban).

A karate uniform must allow the child to move in total freedom, so it is important that it offers strength, comfort and lightness.

Which children's karategi to choose?

For a child taking his or her first steps in the world of karate, the ideal choice is a lightweight and inexpensive kimono. Thanks to the quality of products available on the market today, you can find at affordable prices products with durable and quality fabrics. Typically, the price of a child's karategi is around €20-30.
When the child is more experienced and/or for competitions, you may opt to purchase a karategi with a higher weight rating (weight rating is the weight expressed in grams per square meter of fabric).

As for the color of the karategi, both black and white colors are available. Generally for children who are new to the practice, white is used. In any case, it is the master or school who indicates the color.

How to wash the karategi?

Karategi can be washed either by hand or in a washing machine: the important thing is to use cold water the first few times, and thereafter to never wash at temperatures above 30-40°C. Always air dry them (do not use a dryer). Do not use bleach on these garments.

What size?

Uniforms are available for children from 110 cm to 150 cm.
Regarding the choice of size keep in mind two basic factors: cotton tends to shrink during the first washings and children grow fast. Therefore, it is better to opt for a karategi 5-10 cm taller than the child's height. For example, if the child is 124 cm tall, it is best to get a 130 cm uniform.