Torso protection belt Super Pro Gladiator

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What makes it special

The Body protector Super Pro Gladiator is a quality master protection professional. Designed to protect both frontally and laterally, it allows the master to safely train his students of all levels and weights. 10 cm thick, the Body protector is equipped with 4-layer padding that cushions the impact of kicks and punches, minimizing it. At the same time, the Body protector Super Pro Gladiator results in lightweight, offering comfort to the master. Perfect for workouts of Kickboxing, MMA, Boxing and Muay Thai, is available in one size fits all: thanks to the adjustable straps, it easily adjusts to the wearer's body.

  • SKU: 7110-SPBP100
  • Brand: Super Pro
  • Material: PU
  • Padding: 4 layers
  • Size: one size
  • Thickness: 10 cm
  • Closure: adjustable straps
  • Other information
    Professional product
    Protection thick and light
    Ultra front and side protection
    Multi-layer padding: maximum impact reduction
    Ideal for Kickboxing, MMA, Boxing training, Muay Thai

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