Attrezzatura da boxe: cosa serve per dare il meglio dentro e fuori il ring

Boxing equipment: what you need to give your best in and out of the ring

Do you want to start boxing? Are you a boxing beginner and looking for advice on what clothing and equipment to use? Here is a simple and essential guide to help you get started on the right foot and become a champion.


Boxing gloves

I Boxing gloves. The following may be used during sparring (training) Boxing gloves 12, 14, 16 and 18 Oz. During official amateur competitions, however, only the Boxing gloves 10 Oz, or in certain categories of professional boxing the 8 Oz. See also the guide to choosing the Boxing gloves boxing.

Headbands or wraps

I bandages. Hands are particularly susceptible to injury, so it is good to protect them as best as possible. Under gloves it is very useful to wear wraps, or alternatively undergloves. They give greater protection to the hand, particularly the wrist at the carpus and metacarpus, and also allow you to avoid the sweat that forms when wearing the Boxing gloves. They keep the hand cool, dry and unharmed.


The Headgear. It is a very important protection to protect the head from blows from opponents. In boxing, helmets should always be used even during training. They can have chin guards and chin guards, or they can be open. There are also helmets with removable grilles.


The Mouthguard. This guard protects the jaw from blows from opponents. It is one-size-fits-all, in that it fits the athlete's mouth (usually through the so-called "Boil and Bite" procedure). It can be single or double arched, and is indispensable during training and official fighting. See the guide to choosing the Mouthguard.

Groin guard

The Groin guard. This protection should be placed in the genital areas of the body to protect them from accidental blows. There is a men's and women's version. Alternatively, a protective belt can be used.

Tank top e Shorts

Tank top e Shorts specific to boxing. The material is different from that used for common gym clothing, as is the design. The shoulders are uncovered and the Tank top falls softly over the body, is lightweight and facilitates movement. I Shorts have a soft elastic waistband, reach above the knee, and are light and comfortable.


Le shoes. Special boots are used in boxing to protect the instep, ankle and joints. They have a low, thin sole, and close with laces for better fit and stability.

Chest guard

The Chest guard. It is a protector for women to protect the chest from being hit.

Bag gloves

I Bag gloves. They are used only for bag training; they are particularly curved and keep the hand in the most appropriate position for punches. In addition, being lighter than the Boxing gloves from the ring, they make it possible to tell whether the blow is carried correctly (arrives with the knuckles) or poorly (arrives with phalanges, palm or back of the hand).

Training bag

The sack. Used for training alone either at home or in the gym, it can have different weights and lengths, and should be chosen according to one's body weight and experience. See the guide to choosing the Heavy bag.


The rope: Rope is essential for the boxer; he uses it mainly in pre- and warm-up. See the guide to how to jump rope.


As we often say in our guides, the brand to choose is not so important, because each brand generally offers economy and professional products with completely different prices and quality. What may change from brand to brand, and from product to product, may be details that are only felt by using the products over time, e.g., fit, fit, etc. By training, comparing yourself with your instructor and teammates you will figure out which products are best for you. We recommend that you start with inexpensive products. If you have never punched before, don't spend more than 45-50 euros for a pair of Boxing gloves. Everything in its own time. The most well-known and widely used boxing brands in Italy are. Leone 1947, Venum, Adidas, Cleto Reyes.


In order to participate in some fights, it is necessary to have approved clothing and protection. In Italy, the main organization that regulates boxing matches is the FPI (Italian Boxing Federation), while at the international level there is theAIBA (Amateur International Boxing Association), the WBC (World Boxing Council) and the WBA (World Boxing Association). It evaluates the homologations proposed by each brand to fight in official competitions. At, product homologation is indicated in the product sheets.


To perform at your best in training and competition, boxing equipment is very important, but it is not so important to choose the absolute best, but the one best suited to your needs. Experience will be the best way to choose the boxing products that are right for you.