Pantaloncini da MMA: caratteristiche tecniche

Shorts From MMA: technical features

For those who practice mixed martial arts, i Shorts to wear during training and competitions are an important garment to be chosen carefully. Let's try to list the characteristics they absolutely must have and how to choose the right model for us.

I Shorts by mma are made of very durable and elastic materials. The most widely used is polyester microfiber, an extremely soft and lightweight material composed of fibers so fine that they do not allow bacteria to grow. Some Shorts also have on the crotch, between the thighs, a special stretch fabric that allows the legs to be more open during movement and is not likely to tear.

I Shorts da mma have a length just above the knee. The waist strap should allow for perfect stability during fighting, and usually has a Velcro closure, a lace closure, or both. These closure methods allow for more precise adjustment according to one's body, and are therefore more comfortable to wear.

On the sides of the Shorts there are slits, with a length of about 10 cm or more. These allow ample freedom of movement, and enable the legs to perform the various exercises, such as kicks and knees, more easily and effectively.

The seams are reinforced, so as to avoid rips and tears during intense fighting. They are also stitched flat, which do not create annoying irritation on the skin.

There are no pockets, as the opponent may snag them during combat.

The fabric is anti-bacterial thanks to the very thin fibers it is made of and also thanks to the treatments it undergoes. It absorbs moisture, remaining dry and cool on the skin at all times. These peculiarities confirm the fact that these are high-quality fabrics.


All of these features just listed are essential for good Shorts from mma, regardless of brand and price. Use other Shorts sportsmen to practice mma would not be useful to the athlete himself, as they may be perfect for one discipline but not suitable for mixed martial arts. The fabric may not have the right elasticity, the slits may be reduced or even not there, to the detriment of leg movements, and the seams would not be reinforced.


The brands of Shorts da mma on the market are many, all with different peculiarities and each with its own strength. If you are looking for a high-quality, truly professional product with a unique and original design, the Shorts da mma Venum are the right choice: so many Shorts with sublimated prints, modern and nice graphics, lightweight and durable fabric. On the other hand, if you are looking for a good product but at a more affordable price, Leone and Vandal have a wide selection of Shorts for mixed martial arts with simple but striking graphics and affordable prices. Venum e Adidas, in addition, they offer some Shorts from mma tight-fitting, suitable for training or wearing under other Shorts from mma.

If you are a beginner and just getting into the world of mixed martial arts, best to start with Leone o Vandal, while if you are looking for maximum performance even for major competitions, the Shorts by mma Venum are definitely in the first place.


As for what size to buy, each brand has its own particular size guide. I Shorts from mma are unisex, and sizes are based on pelvis and hip measurements. The fabric does not sag with washing, so it is recommended to take the correct size or possibly slightly larger, as it can be tightened at the waist thanks to Velcro and drawstrings.


I Shorts da mma therefore have peculiarities that you cannot do without if you want to practice this discipline. Choosing a model based on price and design, on the other hand, is quite personal, but the breadth of products that different brands offer is really wide. If you are just starting out, a good cheap shorts is perfect. On the other hand, if you are an experienced athlete, choose a quality product that will last.


Mixed martial arts originated in ancient Greece with Pancratium, a discipline that combined boxing and wrestling. They then began to spread in the late 19th century with mixed fighting, eventually becoming in the early 1990s the discipline we know today. MMA is a full-contact combat sport in which both striking techniques such as kicks and punches and wrestling techniques such as levers and chokes are used. Today fighting takes place on a cage.