I Migliori Guantoni da Muay Thai

The Best Boxing gloves from Muay Thai

Here is an article dedicated to Nak Muay: today we will take a trip to the Muay Thai, discovering the best Boxing gloves to practice this ancient discipline.

Whether you are taking your first steps in the world of Muay Thai, or have been practicing for some time, what is certain is that to train you need good Boxing gloves.

Being there a lot of choice of models and brands available, it is useful to get clarity so that you can make the best possible purchase.

Below we will discuss what we think are among the seven best Boxing gloves for Muay Thai, to guide you on how best to approach your next purchase.

What we offer is a good selection of Boxing gloves of high quality for all budgets. You will find not only the most "classic" brands, but also others that are less well-known but offer very good products.

Boxing gloves Yokkao

Yokkao is one of the top brands in the world for Muay Thai, Thai Boxing and MMA. Its products are. handmade in Thailand with the finest materials. Made of leather or leatherette, with the Boxing gloves Yokkao choose quality at a great price.

I Boxing gloves Yokkao combine high protection for hands, fingers, and wrists with high-impact modern styling, and are designed to ensure you perform at a high level during matches, sparring, and bag and hitter training.

Why choose the Boxing gloves Yokkao

+ durable, 100% leather
+ dense padding
+ wrist support

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Boxing gloves Fairtex

Gloves most famous and best-selling gloves in the world are those of Fairtex, a world-renowned Thai brand.

Their fame is completely deserved: those who buy some Boxing gloves Fairtex, choose some Boxing gloves genuine leather that are born to last a very long time.

In addition to padding and leather of the highest quality, Fairtex can also boast a tapered design that makes them look smaller and less bulky than other brands.

The Gloves Fairtex are a bit less soft than the classic Boxing gloves muay thai ones, but the protection they offer the knuckles is certainly more than adequate.

Among the best models Fairtex we find the BGV1, the BGV14 and the BGV16.
The BGV1 model, the glove Fairtex best-selling glove in the world, is also offered in different colors and with such eye-catching graphics that it is impossible not to be fascinated by it. See for example the Boxing gloves Fairtex Falcon Golden, or the Boxing gloves Fairtex Nation Prints Star Universal Red, or the Boxing gloves Fairtex Thailand Flag... There is something for everyone!

One of the reasons for the success of Fairtex is that it continues to maintain very high quality standards over time, thanks in part to the continuous quality checks it performs on its products and of which it is very proud.

Why choose the Boxing gloves Fairtex:

+ more streamlined and less bulky
+ wide wrist support
+ they last a very long time

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Boxing gloves Twins Special

Currently Twins Special is the best-selling Muay Thai brand in Thailand.

These Boxing gloves at cowhide of the highest quality are a favorite for everyone from beginners through instructors to professional fighters.

Muay Thai being a high-impact sport, what is sought is a glove that provides a good wrist support and adequate knuckle protection, and Twins Special offers all of the above.

L'padding gives a protection total to the hand, from the knuckles to the back, so that you can best work on technique. Super soft and very easy to wear, they give adequate protection and support to the wrist.

They offer a rather large space for your hands compared with other Boxing gloves thai with a tighter fit, making them an ideal choice even for those with medium to large hands.

The good-quality leather ensures a long life for the product, which just never seems to get tired or spoiled.

The BGVL-3 is a best seller with a basic, no-frills, solid-color design (you can choose from several beautiful colors), while if you want something more upscale take a look at the BGVL-4.

Why choose the Boxing gloves Twins

+ more padded than many others Boxing gloves
+ great for everyone, including beginners
+ long product life

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Boxing gloves Hayabusa

If you're willing to spend a little more on your Boxing gloves, take a look at the T3 Tokushu series of Hayabusa, a brand very famous in MMA for its top products.

One of the boasts of Hayabusa is to invest heavily in research e innovation for the design of its products.

The T3s are the result of their research: Hayabusa In fact, it has updated the Boxing gloves Tokushu Regenesis, which had been very successful in 2017, and further improved them. What has not changed is certainly the incredible quality.

The outstanding feature of these Boxing gloves is the double closure: closing and locking system secures the glove to the wrist and provides unparalleled support. The effect is a support that typically only the Boxing gloves with laces confer.

Another important detail concerns themicrofiber insert with suede effect on the thumb, which is both functional and aesthetic.

Internally it is made with a antimicrobial material with anti-odor effect thanks to improved ventilation, breathable fabric and thermo-regulating properties. In practical terms, this means your hands stay dry and the glove dries quickly.

The only small downside to this product is that it doesn't open up as much as traditional Boxing gloves Muay Thai gloves suitable for clinching. But other than that, they are also perfect for training because you don't need to break them in-they have a great fit right out of the box.

Why choose the Boxing gloves HAYABUSA

+ anti-odor effect
+ double closure: stability and support
+ excellent fit without break-in

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