Come lavare i guantoni da boxe, la guida definitiva

How to wash the Boxing gloves from boxing, the ultimate guide

Those who play combat sports know that the Boxing gloves are the faithful companions of every training session and every bout. That is why it is essential to take the utmost care of them. One very important aspect is thehygiene of the Boxing gloves. We have collected opinions and testimonials and summarized them in a guide that we hope will help you in cleaning your Boxing gloves.

Why it is important to hygiene of Boxing gloves?

Keeping the Boxing gloves clean and tidy is important for several reasons. First, for prevent the growth of germs and bacteria, which on the one hand can promote the emergence of bad odors, on the other hand cause irritation and mycosis on the hands and arms. Boxing teaches respect for the opponent and for one's sparring partners, let's learn to respect their noses as well.... Finally, a very important aspect to keep in mind is that a pair of Boxing gloves properly preserved will last longer over time.

Cleaning of Boxing gloves: prevention is better than cure!

Remember the advertising slogan of that famous toothpaste that said "prevention is better than cure"? Does the same rule apply to your Boxing gloves boxing teeth. There are some rules you can follow to keep them clean "without cleaning them."

Wash your hands before wearing the Boxing gloves. Are you arriving at the gym after work? Have you had a session at the barbells? Avoid slipping into the Boxing gloves filthy or sweaty hands. A simple wash with soap and water is enough. You can also use liquid germicides such as amuchina for hands, or a deodorant for feet.

use bands or undergloves: these accessories prevent the hand from coming into direct contact with the glove padding and partially absorb sweat, leaving the Boxing gloves driest.

do not lend the Boxing gloves to others! This may seem like trivial advice, but gyms often have baskets of Boxing gloves, especially for beginners! Consider your Boxing gloves on a par with your underwear, they are something personal, your sweat and germs are more than enough :-)

do not leave them to dry in the Sports bag. Once your workout is over, open them up as much as possible and put them to dry in a warm, dry place until they are completely dry. If you want, you can put talcum powder or tuck in paper towels to make drying easier. An alternative to the Sports bag can be the breathable protection bag.

use Boxing gloves specific to each type of training. As you know there are different types of Boxing gloves based on the type of activity you are going to do. In combat you use the Boxing gloves 10 oz, while in training, especially sparring, gloves of larger sizes (12, 14, 16 oz) can be used, and for the bag it is advisable to use some Boxing gloves sack specifics. This will not only allow you to optimize your training (e.g., a heavier glove is perfect for strengthening your arm muscles), but it will help you better preserve your Boxing gloves 10 oz ring.

How to clean the Boxing gloves boxing

If with the tricks just seen you have not been able to save your Boxing gloves from boxing germs, bacteria and bad odors, we offer a series of techniques to clean them.

1. Open as much as possible the Boxing gloves and let them dry. Inting a cloth in water and ammonia, water and bicarbonate or water and vinegar and pass the inside of the Boxing gloves. Once extracted insert paper towels to dry.

2. Imbust the Boxing gloves e put them in the freezer for 24 hours. Once removed from the freezer the Boxing gloves should be sprinkled with baking soda and left unopened in the bag for another 24 hours. This way you will eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

3. Use deodorants that absorb moisture o disinfectants indicated for the Boxing gloves. How do they work and what are they used for? Let's take a closer look at them.