Attrezzatura da MMA: cosa serve per iniziare

MMA equipment: what you need to get started

The best fighter is not a boxer, a karateka or a judoka. The best fighter is someone who can adapt to any fighting style". Bruce Lee

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, is a full-contact combat sport in which both striking techniques such as kicks, punches and knee strikes, and wrestling techniques such as projections and levers can be used. It is practiced inside an octagonal cage, with rounds of varying duration. No shoes or T-shirts are used, only approved pads and clothing. I Mouthguard, wraps and the Groin guard are mandatory.

What equipment is needed to practice Mma

If you are a beginner and want to start practicing mixed martial arts, here is a simple list of equipment and clothing needed for this discipline.

I Shorts by mma. They are not mere Shorts sportsmen, but they have their own well-defined characteristics. They are made of microfiber, they have the slits side slits to facilitate leg movements in kicking and especially in fighting phases, do not have pockets and protrusions for safety reasons and to avoid providing easy holds for an opponent who wants to take you to the ground. From the regulations FIGMMA (Italian Federation of Grappling Mixed Martial Arts): "Shorts must not be too loose and must not have buttons, zippers or pockets that can be dangerous during competition." Finally, the Shorts mma shorts are lightweight and breathable and have a Velcro closure and laces. To better understand which Shorts buy, read the guide: Shorts from MMA: technical features.

Rashguard from MMA/Grappling. It is a very tight-fitting technical shirt used in training, which improves athletic performance due to the slight compression it exerts on muscles, and increases blood circulation, making workouts less strenuous and decreasing recovery time. It can be short- or long-sleeved, and has flat seams. From FIGMMA regulations, "The T-shirt must be close-fitting (snug to the body), stretchy, and can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved."

I MMA gloves. Mixed martial arts athletes use special gloves, which have a weight of 4 Oz, have open fingers and palm, Velcro closure, and light padding on the knuckles. During training you can also wear gloves of 7 Oz. See also the guideMMA gloves Venum comparing: here's How to Choose

The Mouthguard. It is a protection for the mouth and teeth, and is very important in all combat sports. It can be single or double arch, is one size fits all and fits every athlete's mouth. To choose it the right way, read the guide How to choose the right Mouthguard.

The Groin guard. It is a mandatory protection for the most delicate areas. It has an elastic band that allows good stability on the hips, and it is rigid without being uncomfortable for the athlete.

The bands. They should be worn under gloves for better comfort. They protect the skin from glove chafing and also give added protection to the knuckles and wrist.

Headgear protective: also mandatory for fighting in FIGMMA (except for senior A-series athletes). Absolutely recommended during mixed martial arts training. Must protect and at the same time allow ample vision.

Knee pads: use in competition is optional, but highly recommended, especially to protect the knees during ground fighting and especially during takedowns and projections.

What are the best brands of Mma equipment?

All of these products, both clothing and protections, are important for those starting out in mixed martial arts. The quality of the materials is essential, and especially on protections no expense should be spared. One of the best brands dealing with mixed martial arts is definitely Venum. In addition to using high quality materials, it continually comes up with new designs that are truly unique and spectacular, with sublimated colors and perfectly curated details. If you are looking for good products, but at a more affordable price, even Leone has several products for mixed martial arts. It is important to wear approved and approved products.


Here you have found a list of what you need to get the best start with the sport. It is important to buy quality products, especially protective gear. At Combat Arena you can find some of the top brands in the world of MMA, including. Leone, Venum, Vandal, Boxeur Des Rues, etc.